Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dare to Dream

It all started with a dream. Everyone has one. The difference between us is that some of us pursue our dreams while others just let it go in oblivion.

One has to gauge one's dream to see whether it's executable or otherwise. Our surroundings sometimes prevent us from moving forward or maybe putting the dream on hiatus.

Unexpected circumstances arose which makes one to re-evaluate one's priority. But does that mean killing one's dream? Some might think so. But one thing for sure, just keep the dream alive as one will never know if opportunity will knock on one's door at any moment and time.

It took me almost 29 years to finally able to do what I want to instead of fulfilling other people's dreams. Easy? Not by a mile. I had to overcome a lot of challenges along the way. Lots of hearts were broken. Dreams were shattered tons of time but I keep the dreams alive until now, I am able to enjoy what other people may only desire .....

In short, always DARE TO DREAM !!!!

Did I achieve what I wanted in life thus far? Some of it as I still hoping beyond the horions, shall wait more of my dreams which I have yet to get within my grasp. One day I shall .........

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