Saturday, December 24, 2011


By definition in Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, an opportunist is someone who makes use of an opportunity and especilly to get an advantage of oneself.

Someone who knows when to seek and gain advantage over situation that will benefit oneself. It's not a bad thing unless one uses the opportunity at someone else's expenses to get ahead.

Then there are "someones" who will ride on other people's success coat tail to get ahead so they won't have to work hard; in other words, mainly breezing thru life.

These opportunist usually will be your best friend but the moment they realize they will not be gaining any benefit, you will be dropped from their circle of friends. These people tend to be calculative and more than likely conniving in order to ensure what they desire they will get no matter what.

Sad, but it's true when we have to deal with these type of people. The best thing you can hope for is to be cautious as not to be taken advantage of ....................................

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