Friday, December 16, 2011

Be True .......

Someone said to me the other day that I am too blunt.

Am I ? Of course ......

I guess the years I spent in the States have a continous effect on how I carry myself throughout the years.

But you guys wanna know something? I like being blunt coz then, I don't have to be pretentious.
You get what you see (as they always said it !!!!!!!)

But then the culture different requires you to be more diplomatic as not everyone you encounter can accept you the way you are. This is where I strongly feel that you need to make a minute adjustment in your daily dealings with other human species in order to ensure they do not "terasa hati".

As you progresses through your journey of life, you will however learn to adapt to your current environment and insyallah, hoping for the smooth and best journey ever. I know I had to. You do not and ever want to hurt the feelings of those closest to you; be it your mom, family, "special fren", your staff and also your business partner.

All in all, analyze and evaluate each situation differently and with Allah guidance, insyallah I will prevail in the end.

But most important, I MUST and ALWAYS be truthful to me, my beliefs and my destiny .......

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