Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Around D World I Did Go ........ 2008

It has been a very demanding and challenging 3 and half years at IHI Alliance. No regrets and no looking back. As usual, somtimes thru our journey of life, we would need to make sacrifices in order for us to move forward.

But looking back to d 3.5 years, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel, visit and learn the different cultures throughout the global. Although d journey has yet to complete but I am still honoured to have the privilage to serve the company, religion and mostly the entire human race.

Here are some of my memories and freinds I made during the exciting and sometimes gruesome journeys.

This was my first and last international assignment with Carrefour Malaysia. I was quite nervous as I had to present  a paper for international audience.

This was my first assignment with IHI Alliance. Of all countries, I get to visit Brunei. Kinda laid back community and not much night life. (Well basically zero.....) One experience I will not forget about Brunei was the difficulties of getting a cab to move around. What an experience when the cab driver agreed to fetch us (me with Hafiz and Sharifah) ditched us.......

Hong Kong was my next destination. Overall very amusing and nice. Of course Halal food is like a gem here but we managed (me and my bos, Mr. Darhim). Nina of Intertek Indonesia has been very hospitable to us and followed us to shop at the night market. My surprise about Hong Kong was that their taxi cab drivers could not (or would not) speak English. Weird, ain't it? And my only "not-so-pleasant" experience here was when I was stopped by the Hong Kong Immigration officer before departure as she could not figure out my last name and my picture in the passport and actual differ. I had a goatee then while my picture showed a clean shaven image. Damm!!! Was I pissed of ...... Well, you guys know me and my 9 personalities @ Mr Mood Swing .... Hahahaha

Well I guess that was it for 2008. I will share with you more soon ....

Chaio .....

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