Saturday, December 24, 2011

eyeStudio Photography Update

2011 is coming to an end. Alhamdullillah eyeStudio Photography is doing well. Surprised at the response we've been getting.

As the studio revolves, so's the force behind it. I guess one has to accept the fact when dealing with humans, it will go thru the process.

As 2012 just around the corner, eyeStudio would like to revel our new strong team that insyallah will bring the studio to greater heights.

 First, of course there's ME !!!!
The "Cher Ching" Sifu of the Studio

 Then there is Aizul .......
  The "Creative Mind" Sifu .......

 The Sifus would not be complete if no one keeps them in line.
This is where Aida comes into d pictures

 Graphics and creative deisgn is under Shafik ....

  ..... and Reen is always there to assist

  Besides Aizul, Shafik and Reen, the "Snap Snap" team also include






      Also, not to forget our videographer,
the multi-talented Aloy

Also, any studio would not be complete
if there is no one does its
Welcome to our newest member of eyeStudio

KZ, our Business Development

Well, now U know who's who in eyeStudio, wait for more updates from the creative minds of


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