Thursday, December 29, 2011

eyeStudio Finally Coming Together

Hye my blogger fans, frens, foes and whoever U mayb,

EyeStudio Photography will be 3 months old come this December 31, 2011. (Can U guys believe it, we survived a quarter. Amazing, ain't it?)

Well, Believe it !!! Coz me and the whole eyeStudio gang beleive in what we want to achieve, either in our personal capacity or in team capacity where we want to make this studio a success.

So, the interior of the Studio is finally coming together, sooner than we expected and we look forward for better and brighter future in the years coming ahead especially in 2012.

So here's a glimpse of the studio for everyone to enjoy !!!!

This is sort of the waiting area.
Clients can enjoy while they wait for their pictures or
to unwind prior to their photo shoot

This is the reception area where negotiations shall take place

Reception area from a different angle
The chiller on the right shall display cupcakes or wedding cakes
courtesy of ZT Hot Oven
Clients can order and design their wedding cakes

This is a mock-up 'Pelamin'
courtesy of Hailey's Design
We can arrange for the set-up for your
wedding planning convenience

This is of course the core and the heart of

Editing Room where all the editing activities shall take place
Important ingredient in making a photography studio
A SUCCESS !!!!!!

This is where HR and Finance activities take place
(if U want to call it a room ????)

All business planning shall take place here.
I know it is still empty but sooooooooon ......

Another important element where all messages are
exchanged here between our great community.
Looking at the white board is COMPULSORY for everyone

A studio will not be complete without the pantry
where everyone in the community will ensured that
they will not go hungry.
A full stomach makes an employee HEPI !!!!

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