Monday, January 23, 2012


After going thru my memory box, and contemplating on what should I write next, and after full consideration, I have decided to pen down my memories during my 11 years stint in the States.

Most of my family, friends and even enemies were trying to figure out what I did and how I lived my life while I was over there. All these while, I have kept most of it under wrap as I would need to ensure that no one gets hurt along the process.

I like the idea of having people guessing and set the tone of being mysterious at the same time. I just let the necessary information out as to answer whatever questions or queries that may came up.

After the silence of more than 2 decades, it is appropriate for me to write my journey of life while I was enjoying my youth and growing up at the same time.

It was one of the toughest time of my life but I prevailed and succeed in making the best out of the situation. At one time, I did not have anyone to turn to, no one to give me advice and give assistance on how to go about handling the trauma.

YES !! I was very much traumatized over wht happened.

All in all, it was not bad the whole time. There was some good times too and there was a lot of people willing to assist me in maintaining my sanity.

So, be prepared for the relevation that I will reveal through my new "ceritera" which will start soon.

After "Jiwang Karat", I am ready to share my journey experiences. I do hope it would help the new generation in going through their path and avoid making unnecessary mistakes along the way.

See you guys / gals SOON with new story ..........


Hahahahaha .....

YES !!! It will be in Malay guys

Even though the preview is in English

Unless I change my mind .........

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  1. bro dz is good news....cant wait 4 more exciting story......well actually if written in bahasa would be dramatic lg....yes...