Sunday, March 6, 2011

Silver Spoon Cafe revisited .....

This poem was written by a fren of mine way back when I was in Atlanta, Georgia. It's about d place I used to work. Jus as remembrance, I thought I pen down this poem to share with all my frens. This was written by my then colleague, Jimmy Leithauser. It tells about the lives of being a food server / waiter at a theme restaurant called Silver Spoons....


From everywhere they came,
Walking thru d doors;
Into our lives, if only...
For a brief moment
They still leave a mark,
Upon us, our emotions;
Thou some of us do not know
We are all alive,
Walking thru this wolrd.

Together yet alone,
Each day we begin;
A separate voyage,
Thru our minds,
Thru our worlds,
meeting in the same spot,
To do the same,
Yes !.... to serve,
To live,
To keep our dreams alive.

It brings comfort,
The money we make,
Yet, inside it breeds evil,
Taking us higher each dollar,
We make
One step closer,
Iask myself, "Is this a dream?"
No, it's not,
It is merely a stepping stone
To our own

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