Friday, March 25, 2011

Jejak Bertapak 2011 ..... Bari / Rome ..... series 3

This is my last entry for my Bari City / Rome trip. Nak posting banyak2 pun x guna gak coz I was only there for 2 days; a very long 2 days I might add. 1st day smpai, kene present paper at the local conference. Pastu malamnya dah kene g dinner (yang 4.5 jam tu.... see series 2 posting) and by d 2nd day kene wat audit.

Mujur audit dia x amek whole day, so ada ler gak masa nak jalan2 kat Bari town tu before it got dark. As any other European cities, bangunan dorang ni mmg antic2 blaka. Aq sempat ler snap snap beberapa building yg pada aq quite significant. Kat Bari ni bnyk giler theater. Orang2 kat cni kan jenis relax terlebih sudah. One good thing is that they seem to b a cultured society or community.

Overall, my Bari trip is quite pleasant. How aq wish aq brought with me more cash, baru betul kata dtg Italy.... Neway there will always b another, insyallah.

Ni kebab chicken
kat Turkish shop...
claimed to be Halal.
not bad just a bit dry.

Ni lak one of the many coffee bars in Bari.
Italian love to stop by these bars to have coffee
D culture is a bit different
U don't sit and enjoy d coffee
instead U just stand as if U ar at a bar and enjoy ur sip of coffee

This is one of the famous theater in Bari.
located on the main boulevard

Ni lak tugu Niccolo Piccinni
one of the famous poet from Bari

Ni lak scenery from the balcony frm my hotel
typical atmosphere of a night life
in Bari
Ni signage wajib aq snap snap
walau kat mana aq pg pun.
rainbow ni lak aq terserempak masa aq nak boarding
balik. Mmg cantik siot....
My last hour in Bari
Bye Bye Bari......
See U again.....
A presto

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