Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SEX ...... Is It Lust or Love?

Your first time :

Who you have sex with for the first time is up to you. There is nothing wrong with holding out for love or that special somebody. In this day and age, where so much emphasis is placed on sex it can be easy to feel like we are missing out if we are not having it or to feel pressured to keep up with our friends. If you are holding out for love then good for you, remember its your body.

The difference between fucking and making love.

In my experience sex is always better when it is with someone you love. We will all have sex at some point simply because of sheer animal lust and although it will be hot and sweaty and amazing the connection and intimacy you feel when making love to somebody you are in love with can't be beaten.

Always remember:

Sex is messy. It is full of unexpected sounds and injuries. It doesn't always go like a porn movie. Sometimes it works and sometimes it's a disaster. Approach it with an open mind and have fun but above all play safe.

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