Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aq Thru D Years.......

Sometimes when we look back on our journey, we tend to laugh at some of the things we've done in the past. Should have no regrets but always look at the accomplishments we have achieved. Truly, we did make some mistakes along d way but we should learn from them and not repeat d mistakes again.

For me, I am content with what I have been thru....

Zaman "remos"
penting tuuuu

In my late 20's
enjoying d outdoors

My college years in Tennessee

Zaman bertocang...
"Blonde" tuuu.... wajib

D socializing era....
Atlanta, Georgia

Desparate times
Model for an art class

Berjinak jinak with face modelling
banking in on d "muka jambu"

College years....d beginning years

D "must have moustache" era.....

Almost to graduation...
keyword is "almost"

Corporate era .... d beginning years

Looking for d cheeky look

Santai time in Florida

Santai time again......

High school era....
Look at d amount of hair on that head !!!!!

BEST MAN at my bro's wedding....
Last to arrive....
Can U imagine, groom have to wait for best man
Those were the days

ME ..... NOW !!!

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