Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where Did My Creativity Go ?

There is no denying that with all these festive moods lingering within my blood streams and my increasingly busy schedule, D JOURNEY experiences has been quieter than usual lately, this has been made worse by the fact that I seem to be suffering a serious bout of writers mental block at the moment. (not to mention the occasionally migrane attacks)

I try to write about what is topical, inspirational and important to me at the time, but it seems that with the increase in my workload and visiting relatives and frens during this Eid Fitr that my inspiration is lacking the creativity. I have tried to keep things interesting and stay away from letting the blog simply become a list off all the mundane things that I do in my life. Like a stream of status updates, I don't want to blog about going to the shops and who is driving next to me in the traffic jamms.

So I am throwing it out there to you guys one more time.

Can anybody help me with my blockage? Creativity dear, please come back to me soon !!!!!

I MEAN REAL SOON ....................


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