Monday, September 12, 2011

Do We Need DRAMA to Make a Relationship Work ?

Do we really need drama to make a relationship work???

I have been in a relationship before where everything falls perfectly at place. I hardly quarrelled. Every time when I raised my arguments, my ex just agreed and followed my say. Everything was wonderful..........but at the end, I became bored. Then I chose to walk away...

Most people always said, their dream relationship is when there are no quarrels between the two and a lot of tolerations. Well I wonder, am I not just one of those people?

Or actually, these are all just unrealistic say from some people who are happily going through their lives with the love ones in a FLAT TONE until they don’t even realized that their marriage or relationship is going dead?

Don’t get me wrong, I had been in a relationship before where at first we thought we were a perfect couple, but as day goes by, we were quarrelling in every single matter and it also became dead at the end because there were too much anger and devastation.

But to be in a relationship where there were hardly quarrels, you agreed with your partners in almost every single decision and no arguments? Definitely not for me.

Let me ask you one question, have you ever fight with your love one and after both of you sober, you feel such a strong love towards your bf or gf? The attachment feeling grew tremendously and that’s when people said ‘THE MAKEUP SEX’ was superb!

To me, all of these fantastic feelings that I felt after the fight that makes me more attached and love the person stronger.

For example, it has been for 5 days straight where I and my partner didn’t fight. We enjoyed our hangout time, romantic sex and etc. But as you know when you have been with someone for months, it is kind of normal when the physical effectuation going down a little bit. As we all know, the sex will gets a little boring when you are playing with the same ‘equipment’ over and over again although you have to admit, the companionship will gets stronger the longer when you are with a person. The emotional part just grows. Well that night when my partner tried to kiss me and started the action, I was not in the mood. Surprisingly, at the beginning of the relationship, no matter how tired I was, I would be able to turn on and was always interested for it. So to spice things up, suddenly I brought up an issue about my partner was staring towards another guy when we driving back home from my car’s window at one traffic light stop. Well at first my partner didn’t want to pick a fight, but as I was actually pissed off about this thing and determined to bring it up as an issue, it started to become a quarrel. The most important in creating a drama is that, you must be really dissatisfied about an issue. You can’t fake it. It won’t look real. I can’t pretend that I am angry about something but the truth is I don’t. I was really pissed off about the stare but on that particular moment when it happened, I didn’t want to start a fight. Honestly to me, it was not a big issue. My sweetheart could have been looking at that guy for various of reasons that I don’t even bother to know. That is why this was a drama! My partner was defending and I kept on attacking.

Finally we both kept quiet in a very angry mode. After a while in this silence tone, I began to apologize for made it such a big issue. My partner also said sorry if my feeling was hurt. Then I started to kiss my partner and boyyyyyyyy I tell yah...the kissing was not the normal ordinary romantic kissing! It was a HUNGRY FRENCH KISSING! The feeling was amazing. As the relationship was rekindle. The makeup sex was marvellous!

Boy oh boy...I really don’t believe in a flat monotonous tone relationship. If you are looking for guy that is always sweet, caring, loving all the times and will not create a problem, I am pretty sure that I am not the one. A relationship with me is full of hiccups, bumps, ups and downs and sometimes it can really makes you going crazy. This is my style. This is my way of keeping the sparks for a long time.

Tell me something to those who are agreeing with me out there...

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