Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kisah Lalu Berlabuh D Hati .... Perpisahan ....

Smalam aq lepak ngan sorang kawan aq ni. Dia luahkan ler perasaan bagaimana pasangan dia mintak putuskan perhubungan. Banyak jugak dia cerite and of course semuanya memihak to him.

I guess that would be normal as when one decide to part ways, we tend to forget the "good" and "decent" part of your ex-other half but instead concentrate all your energy on the "bad" and "nasty" side. We shouldn't do that. YES, we may disagree to the part of no return but deep down inside you know you still have feelings for your ex or soon-to-be-ex.

Woit, tetibe jer idea aq dtg dri Amerika. hehehehehe.

Neway, from my personal experience, YES, again, it hurts the hell out of you. Sometimes, by just mentioning the name can annoyed you to the max. Apa lagi kalau jumpe kat tepi jalan, mau rasanya nak langgar ngan steam roller, pastu gostan, and then langgar skali lagik. That is how bad things can get.

But by the end of the day, we need to move on, if we feel there is no more feelings between you and your other half, then proceed with your life ahead. Always look forward and only look backwards once in a while.

Mungkin ada hikmah d sebalik segala apa yg terjadi. Just think about it. Everything happens for a reason. maybe, you guys were together for the wrong reason; sort of like you are in a bad marriage lerr niii.

As a reminder to all my frens and to myself too, if you should have that feeling that you are no longer compatible, then just make the necessary decisions; whether to amend whatever's broken or just do a closure on the relationship and move on with your life. Either way, you should be happy and comfortable with whatever decision you have made.

It is painful but those who has to go through it will have to...... Fo those who are lucky, I salute U !!!

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