Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sesat & GPS

I'm pretty sure we have gone thru this one time or another.

Especially in this crazy world that we live in now, you cannot but be stuck in traffic due to whatever reason.

Especially when we need to somewhere not familiar to us, then looking the intended destination can be a nightmare; not to mention extra cost.

As new technologies emerged, more and more people turn to the Global Positioning System (GPS) to guide them to get to where they wanna go.

Somehow, I do not get along with this new gadget, as a matter of fact I found it to be very annoying and confusing.

I would rather use the "old fashion way". I would always look for landmarks or buildings as they re more reliable. And it is easier as the suggested route in the GPS does not always suggest the shortest route but more on sightseeing through the city.

But I guess, the bottom line is whether the GPS is convenience to its user. If it does, then by all means, use it wisely. If not, there is always the "old fashion way" ........

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