Saturday, October 20, 2012


Sometimes life hits U very unexpectedly. But whatever happened, one has to be strong in handling any circumstances.

For me, I should have seen it coming. All the symptoms were all there in front of my eyes but I decided to close one eye. I guess it was all written for you, its just the execution will always add a new twist.

As prepared as U can be, the hurt still hits at the very spot that can cause some equilibrium malfunction in ur daily routines.

10 years is a long time for any couple to be together. That is ONE BIG DECADE !!!!
But as time progresses, and we all get a day older, things will bound to change. So, how will one deals with the situation?

All one can hope for is to keep the good memories together and let the other one go with open arms. No point for anyone to fight the feeling as decision has already been made. It won't be worth any penny to try and save the relationship.

In order for one to move forward, is to do a closure on the relationship and not dwelled too much on what has happened. Then life shall move on even though the pain will still be lingering around (at least for a while)...

Wish the othe half all the best and happy with the new life.

And that ia a CLOSURE ........

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