Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A New Era

Believe it or not, I have decided to quit smoking. YES, quit again. But this time is for real.

That was what I said last time too. So, we'll see.

So far it has been 24 days without the nicotine in my body system. The 1st 2 weeks was very dragging.

Energy level was at "0" level and probably less. Appetite was out of the windows. It was very painful. DAMM painful for me to go thru.

Somehow, Alhamdullillah, everything is getting better. Energy is back but my only concern is my weight. It has dropped to 50 kg, YES, I know, 50 kg. The last time I weighed 50 kg was when I was taking my SRP. Hehehehehehehe.

So now, instead of losing weight, my main goal is to gain weight; at least until I get to be 56 kg. Anything more than that, I will be obese.

Anyway, for all those who had given me their word of encouragement, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.


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