Saturday, April 21, 2012

MIHAS 2012 ....

Bak kata pepatah, sambil menyelam minum air oren, so aku pun bile dpt job ngan MyChef masa MIHAS baru baru ni, sekali harung laa aku lepak kat KLCC jalan2 kat MIHAS. Setakat ni, aku tak pernah miss lagi laa since 2006. Menarik jugak booth2 yg ada kat sana ....

M.I.H.A.S. 2012

With my old frens from Carrefour Malaysia

Kedah Darul Aman
A state that is close to my heart besides
PENANG of course

With the Halal Penang group

Dr. Zahimi ... always a supporter

Ustaz Fadzli from JAIPP

Kopi Hang Tuah mascot ...
with me & Bob

My fren Maria with her lovely smile

This is the event I attended

My Paris partner-in-crime, Azam

My idol, Chef Florence

This is just a gimmick okay ....

My former mentor from Carrefour,

Long shot of me and Amrul

Tony from DagangHalal

Four old frens meeting up again !!!!

Azam, Amrul, me & Bob

Friends Forever !!!!!

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